107 Good Morning Prayer Message For Family And Friends


Good Morning Prayer Message For Family And Friends

Good Morning Prayer Message For Family And Friends: We all know the drill. The alarm goes off and we hit snooze. We doze in and out of consciousness until we finally muster up the energy to get out of bed. We grumble and complain as we start our day. Our minds are consumed with the mundane tasks that await us. We rush through our morning routine so we can get on with our day.

We start our day with our minds focused on the day ahead, instead of the One who made us. We neglect to give God the first fruits of our day, our attention. We go about our day without giving Him a second thought. What if we started our day by giving God our attention? What if we started our day with a good morning prayer message for our family and friends? Imagine the difference it would make in our day, and in our lives. When we start our day with God, we set the tone for the rest of the day.

Good Morning Prayer Message For Family And Friends

  1. I send positive morning prayers, thoughts, and energies out to all my friends and family. I hope you have a great day!
  1. Dear Lord, I pray that you are with my family and friends today. I pray that God will grant them a day unmarred by pain or negativity. Let them have a great day! For those that are working let the day be full of joy, happiness, and satisfaction. Bless our food and drink so we may enjoy them without worry or stress. And finally, for my family and friends in need, let their hearts be lightened by your presence and grace. Thank you for all your love and good morning to you all.
  1. Lord, bless my family and friends and give them the strength to get through their day. Keep them safe from all harm and remind them of your love for them. May our faith in you grow stronger every day and may we always be grateful for all our blessings! Good morning y’all.
  1. Dear family, friends, and other loved ones, today is another day to give thanks to God for all of his blessings. Let us think of all the goodness he has bestowed upon us, and we can do it knowing that every moment is a precious one. We have love, family, faith and so many wonderful opportunities in life. Let us extend our love to those around us who need help and reach out to others in need today. We know that God will continue to bless us with happiness if we
  1. Dear Lord, I pray this morning for those I hold dear to my heart. Lord, please shine down upon my family and friends with your boundless love and show them how much they mean to me. Lord, touch their heart and guide them in the way you see fit. Please keep my family and friends safe from harm and give them the ability to overcome any obstacle that may be in their path. In your name, I pray. Amen.
  1. I pray to God that he keeps you safe today. I pray to God that he keeps me safe today… I pray for all the babies of the world who are born on this day… Please let them be rich in health and rich in love, rich in happiness, and rich in wisdom. All those babies who are not yet born. I pray for peace on Earth, good health, happiness, and full life for them.  Good morning love.
  1. May you wake up feeling deeply loved and filled with joy this morning. May each day bring you more beauty, more laughter, and a deeper sense of God’s presence within you. May your hearts be filled with warmth, your days with joy, and your lives with love and peace.
  1. Lord, please watch over everyone this morning as they start their day. I pray that they stay safe, have a good time, and smile! I give many thanks to you for all you do and have done. I love you very much!
  1. Good morning dear Lord, I just pray that you always watch over and protect my family and friends. Watch over them and be their guide in life. Give them the strength to endure anything that may come their way, for You know we all need help sometimes. Let them cling to You for comfort and thank You for being here for us. Amen.”
  1. Dear Lord, I would just like to thank you for all of my blessings in life. Thank you for my beautiful and loving family. They are so beautiful, inside and out. I thank you for bringing them into my life and the way that we have hit it off. May they be blessed this morning.
  1. Good morning. Today is a special day, a day that I have thought about every day since I first met you. I wrote these words so many times but never got the courage to tell you how much I’ve wanted them to come true. My prayer was answered when we were finally together!
  1. Give us the strength to face the day and the courage to make our lives count. Help us live each day with purpose and meaning so that when our time on earth is done we will leave the world a better place than we found it. Good morning dearies.
  1. Good morning to my family and friends, I thank God for you every day. I pray for your health, happiness, and prosperity. I love you all!
  1. Good morning dear grandmother, father, uncle, aunt, and friend. I want to tell you how much I appreciate you all and wish you all a life full of peace and prosperity. I love every one of you more than words could ever express.
  1. Good morning loves. I pray that you are all happy and well today. Loving you all is the most precious gift of all, knowing that because of my love and prayers you’re happy each day is what keeps me going. I love you all.
  1. Dear God, please watch over my mom, dad, sisters, and brother this morning, today, and forever. Keep them safe and healthy. In your name, I pray, thank you.
  1. Thank you for waking me up this morning. Thank you for the milk that was on my table. Thank you for the blessings in my life. Thank you for loving me, my family. God bless us!
  1. Good morning dearies, I know today is going to be difficult for you, but please know I will always be here for you. I love you very much and I hope everything works out the way you need it to. You are my family, my friend, and my life. Love and hugs to you all!
  1. May God bless you with the best today. So many different people, so much love. I hope everyone has a blessed day, full of joy and happiness. God bless us in this life and forever! Good morning.
  1. Lord, as I begin another new day this morning, I surround myself with a warm and loving light of protection. May you be with me always.
  1. I pray you are all doing well and I’m hoping that this day brings you much joy! I hope you have a wonderful morning and day. Remember to always keep smiling and appreciate the life you live every day. Even though you may have bad days– know that God will love you despite your faults. Remember, in Him, we find strength when we go through rough times.
  1. Good morning loves, let us rise and shine today, as we rejoice in the light of your love. Let us radiate your goodness, grace, mercy, and love to all who are around us. Be with us in our homes, our businesses, and even when we drive or walk. We place you at the center of our gatherings and fill them with joy, laughter, and good food. We pray all these in the name of Jesus, blessing him now and forevermore. Amen.
  1. Father in heaven, I thank you for the gift of family and friends. Please bless them with happiness, peace, health, and love. Please watch over us when we sleep and deliver us from all harm. Keep us safe through the night and help us rest well so that we can wake refreshed and renewed. I pray this in your name, Jesus Christ, amen. Good morning.
  1. Good morning love, may God always be with you, with His grace and love to lead and guide you. God will bless every one of you today, tomorrow, and forevermore. Amen!
  1. Good morning dearies, I pray for peace and comfort for all my friends and family suffering from illness or grief. Let the light of Your presence brighten the darkness of their situation. Grant them Your love and healing touch.
  1. Lord, please bless my friends and family with love, hope, faith, and peace this morning. Please continue to watch over them every day. In Jesus’s name, I pray, Amen.
  1. Sending you love, beautiful family, and friends! May the Lord of Love Shine His light upon you this new day. Good morning.
  1. This morning I pray for my friends and family, that they may have a happy day. May the smiles they share be plentiful throughout the day. May their homes feel full of warmth and their hearts feel full of love. Bless your family in this way today. Thank you for giving us such special people to love! Amen.
  1. Dear friends and family, let us start this day with a prayer for peace, happiness, good health, and prosperity in everyone’s lives. May this be a joyous day for all. Good morning to you.
  1. Good morning loves, I pray for your health, safety, and peaceful sleep. I hope that you will glorify God by the love and compassion you show others. I pray that by acknowledging God’s love for us, we will always be able to carry on the name of Jesus Christ with respect in this dark world. I love you all!
  1. Dear Lord, please shower my family and friends with your sweet love this morning! Wrap them in your arms, and surround them with your protection. Do not allow harm to befall them for you are the master of all that is good! Let them be filled with love and kindness! Your everlasting glory be upon us all! In Jesus’ name. Amen
  1. Good morning everyone, may you have a blessed and wonderful day. May you walk in love and light. May your joy be complete as you share and love with all those you meet today. We lift you to God and pray that your life would be filled with the blessings of heaven today and always.
  1. May the good Lord bless you each day of your lives. May your home be filled with endless love, joy, and peace. May you always bask in the happiness of the Lord’s love for you. And may each day of your lives bring a new adventure of faith and love. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, I pray! Have a wonderful morning.
  1. Morning comes, new beginnings. Today will be a good day. For all of you, with thanksgiving, I pray.
  1. God bless and protect us always, in the name of The Lord Jesus Christ. Amen! Good morning.
  1. Good morning Lord, let Your light shine brightly in our hearts today. Enable us to show love and kindness to one another. Guide us with your wisdom as we live together. We ask these things in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who is the Light of the World. Amen.

Good Morning Prayers For Family And Friends

  1. Good morning Dear Lord, please bring peace and love to my dear family and friends. Please bless them with happy hearts, good health, and hearty laughs. Please let them enjoy each moment of their day.”
  2. Dear Lord, please keep my family and friends safe and let them know how much I love them. Let them see you throughout the day and give them that extra burst of joy to help through the hard times. Thank you for always being with me in this journey of life and please let them see you in the same way. Good morning.
  1. Dear God, this morning I thank you for all the blessings I have received. All the good things in life come from your love. Thank you for giving me my family and friends to love, they are a blessing in my life. Thank you for allowing me to wake up each day and see another beautiful sunrise, this is truly a gift. Thank you for giving me all your special gifts through the earth, our home. Thank you for blessing us with food, water, and air to survive.
  1. Please be with my family and friends this morning as they go about their day. Please protect them and allow them to have a safe and productive day. Lift them in your arms and love them. I am thankful for them every day of my life, they are the reason I smile! In Jesus’s name, AMEN!
  1. Good morning loves, I miss you and love you. I pray that God’s will be done through all of our lives and give us the security we desire for everyone. Thank you for all you do for us each day, we love you!
  1. Good morning! I pray that each one of you finds love in your life today. May you be surrounded by the people you care about. May your day be blessed with joy and happiness, with smiles and love. Happy morning! I love each of you very much!
  1. I pray for your safety and health this morning. May you be filled with love and peace, with joyful hearts, and minds at ease.
  1. I pray that all of you find happiness, health, and prosperity this morning. I am thankful for your presence in my life. With each passing moment, I fall deeper and more in love with you. Godspeed to you all!
  1. Dear God, good morning. Please let my family be safe and sound from harm today. Please bless them with health and love. Please watch over my friends and keep them free from danger. Thank you for all the blessings you’ve given me! In Jesus’ name I pray- Amen!
  1. Good morning, I thank you Lord for everything in my life. Thank you for the blessing of this day. I pray that things may go smoothly today. I pray that we all have health and happiness and so much love! Your blessings are enough to give us this, so I pray that your blessings be shown to us all. Amen
  1. Good morning my loves, May God bring you love and joy this new year, as you have brought that to me. I pray that your dreams are always filled with light, laughter, and love. I thank God for all your support and help through the difficult times because without you guys I wouldn’t be where I am today. Thank you for all the times you’ve held my hand and all those life-changing events we’ve been through together. From the deepest part of my heart ~ THANK YOU!
  1. This morning I pray for my family and friends that they may feel loved, surrounded by great friendships and abundance. I ask that you bless them with your endless love, joy, peace, and wisdom. Give them the strength to fight for their dreams, and allow them to be courageous in standing up for what’s right.
  1. Dear Lord. Please watch over my family and friends each day. Keep them safe, healthy, and close to you. I pray for them and me every day. Guide us on our journey and keep us safe from harm. I love you all! Good morning.
  1. I pray for the safety and health of my family and friends this morning, and that our enemies prove to be incompetent. I pray that my children will be safe from tragedy and that tomorrow will bring peace to Earth. I pray that we are strong enough to overcome all obstacles in life. That family will always come first, and our love will always prevail. I thank God for every day you bring me joy and happiness.
  1. Dear Lord, please look over my family and friends from morning to night. Keep them all safe and healthy. You are there for us in our time of need. Thank you for the little things in life, for blessing me with these people in my life. Amen
  1. First of all, I pray for my entire family: mom, dad, brother, sister, and other relations, godparents, and friends. And the rest of my friends and people that are important to me. I wish them to have a harmonious family and home life! I hope there will be peace in their hearts and minds! Blessed be everyone this morning!
  1. Good morning dearies, I pray God gives my family and friends love, health, and the desire to go on.
  1. Good morning, may the Lord bless our children and keep them safe, may he lead them on the path of truth, and may he watch over my family and friends who I love so much. Thank you for all you do for me, grant me the strength to spread love to all those I meet.
  1. God bless everyone I care about. May our love and friendship last forever. Have a wonderful morning and day!
  1. Good morning, I pray that God keeps you safe, healthy, and happy. The world has so much to offer and I pray that you all find what you are looking for. I love you all so very much.
  1. This morning may you awake with a smile on your face and may your heart be filled with love. May the sunshine of happiness warm your soul and the laughter of friends lift your spirits. My wishes for you are simple, I wish you a day that will always be filled with smiles, love, and joy.
  1. Good morning, I pray an abundance of love and light falls upon you all today. I send much love to you, both near and far. Blessings are with you always dear ones!
  1. Good morning to y’all.  May the Lord bless you and protect you always. May He cause His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you. May the Lord lift His countenance upon you and give you peace. I pray that He will have mercy on us and lead us in living a life of happiness, love, and nurturing. amen
  1. Good morning Lord! I pray that you bring great joy and happiness to my family and friends today. All my love.
  1. Good morning dear, It’s a new day and I am praising God for my family and friends. I want to thank you for being in my life and enriching it with a constant stream of positive energy and all-around awesomeness! I know how busy you all are, but I am so grateful for your friendship, love, and guidance. Love you all!
  1. Good morning dear family and friends. May God’s love shine gently upon each one of you. May you all be blessed with good health, joy, love, and happiness. Have a blessed day!
  1. Dear Lord, please bless my family and friends this morning. Please ease their hearts and minds. We believe you are the light in everyone’s life and we thank you for all your blessings. We hope you bring us peace and love so that we may all be happy.
  1. Dear God, please look after my family and friend from this morning henceforth. Protect them from harm and injury. Grant them health and happiness. Increase their love for one another. We thank you for all you give to us, and for the hope, we have through you. In your mighty name, we pray, Amen.
  1. Good morning, God. Send your blessings to my family and friends today. Bless them with protection, good health, warmth, and happiness. Keep them safe from all harm. And please comfort and watch over those who are sick in both body and soul. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen
  1. This morning I pray that you have a wonderful day. I pray that you feel loved and cared for. Never forget how loved you are. I pray that all your dreams come true that today is a marvelous day and that positive things come your way.
  1. God, please protect my family and friends. Encourage them to be loving and forgiving. I pray that they forgive me for my mistakes and allow me time to correct them. Lead them on the straight path and keep them strong in difficult times. Give them hope, peace, and happiness always. I pray this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. Good morning to them.
  1. This morning, as I wake up, I bury my face in my hands and whisper “I love you” to all those important to me. And as I walk through my day I speak your name with every word that passes from my lips. To the people that have touched my life in some way, been a part of it somehow, and molded me into the person that I am today — you are truly loved.
  1. Good morning Dear God, please bring my family and friends closer together. Sometimes they get in the way of their individual goals and happiness. May we feel each other’s love through our life struggles and be blessed with your loving mercy. In Jesus’ name I pray; Amen.
  1. Father, please bless all my friends, family and loved ones, and everyone I meet today. Gather us close into your loving arms, let us see your miraculous glory, and hear your beautiful voice, to know you more deeply. Let us bask in the light of your love wherever we wander. Keep us safe from danger, harm and sadness today. Grace our home with your presence tonight and surround us with the comfort of your love. In Jesus’ Mighty Name We Pray Amen. I wish them the very best from this morning.
  1. Good morning, Lord. Please continue to look over our family and friends. Guide them and protect them throughout the day. Please give us patience when we need it, courage to face our fears, faith when we feel alone, thanks when we don’t feel thankful, strength when we are weak, joy in all seasons, and peace in all moments. In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.

Good Morning Blessings Family And Friends

  1. Good morning family and friends. I hope your day is filled with love, joy, and blessings in every endeavor. Have a wonderful day!
  1. I’m sending some love your way this morning. May you have a great time with your family and friends today and always. Thanks for being a blessing in my life.
  1. Oh my God, I pray that you will bless mom with a happy day! May She get a sigh of relief that her time is near. Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God bless dad and the family. Bless them with peace, love, hope faith, and stay by their side. Good morning.
  1. Good morning, I thank God for you all, and the joy and love you bring to my life. It’s not just a special time of year, but every day. I look forward to seeing your smiling face, hearing your voice, and feeling your love.
  1. God may your day be peaceful and happy. May your heart be at ease and lightened by the love that is always within you. May your worries dissolve and your day is filled with joy, hope, and peace. May bliss shines upon you all day long and my happiness has a home in your heart. Good morning.
  1. Lord, I pray for each one of these people listed above. I ask that you bless them throughout this beautiful day. May they find you at every turn and continue to be filled with your abundant love. Amen. Good morning to them.
  1. Good morning my loves, I hope this message finds you happy and healthy. I am thankful for our friendships. Never forget that God’s blessings are abundant and that He loves you!!
  1. I thank the Lord for another great morning. I thank him for a meal to fill me, for a bed to sleep in, and for every blessing, he has bestowed upon me today through you. Let this day be filled with love and happiness because YOU deserve it!  Thank you for being in my life.
  1. Lord, please bless all my family and friends from this morning henceforth! Bring them comfort and insight. Give them love, happiness, peace, and joy throughout the day. Send angels to assist them in all of their dealings. Guide them to trust in you through both good times and bad. I pray all this in your precious Name. Amen
  1. I pray that you have an AMAZING morning and day today! Let all your worries, fears, and anxieties melt away. May you feel the love of God and all around you as you walk today. Enjoy every moment because life is short. I thank god for giving me so many special people in my life. I love you all!
  1. Good morning dearies, I am so happy for the good fortune in my life. I feel the most blessed person in the world.”I hope you are on cloud nine, smile at a stranger today, and be glad that you are alive. Every day above ground is a great one, enjoy it to the fullest extent.”
  1. Good morning, God. Please watch over my family and friends today. Help them achieve their goals and change the world for the better. Remind them that you are there with them every day. In Jesus’ name, I pray, amen!
  1. Every morning I wake up and thank God for giving me the most amazing family and friends anyone could ask for. You all have made my life so special and I am forever grateful. Thank you to my family and friends for helping me get through life and love’s challenges. I love you all so much every day!
  1. I pray that you all have a great start to your day, starting from this morning. May all your dreams be answered, with luck and kindness in life and love. You deserve the best and should always be treated as such, so know that I am thinking of you and wishing you all the best of good things.
  1. Good morning, friends & family! As you prepare to spend the day surrounded by those you love, may you feel abundant peace and happiness? May your day be filled with beautiful smiles, laughter, and love.
  1. Good morning, I hope that your day is blessed with lots of love, laughter, joy, and peace. I pray that God watches over you as you go about your day. Know that I love every one of you and would do anything for you.
  1. I thank God every morning for the wonderful gift you are to me and send you blessings of love and happiness. Love, The writer of this prayerful blessing.
  1. Good morning, I hope you’re all enjoying your day. I’m thinking of you and wishing you love, joy, and peace. Know that you hold a special place in my heart and I am grateful to be in your life.
  1. Dear friends, family, and loved ones, we pray for the strength and courage to overcome our worries and problems. We look forward to the blessings of the day and ask for a brighter future. May this morning’s prayer message reach all those concerned.
  1. Good Morning everyone! Here’s to a new day and a brighter future. I hope your day will be filled with joy, love, peace, and happiness!
  1. Good morning, may God bless you with endless joy, love, and happiness every day of your lives. May He also bless you with a wonderful life ahead full of abundance and prosperity. Amen!
  1. Thank you for this morning. Please bring peace and harmony to my family, friends, and loved ones. Surround us with your love, keep us safe from all harm, protect us always and guide those who aren’t with us today. We ask this through the power of Jehovah, Amen.
  1. Good morning, may God bless you and protect you in the day ahead. May He lead you through the darkness and back into the light. May His love shine upon you and may your heart be filled with His grace.

Good Morning Prayer Text Message For Friends And Family

  1. I hope this morning’s text message finds you well. I am praying for you, that God guides and protects you today. I love and miss you!
  1. Good morning, I pray for love and wisdom for everyone in my life. May a wonderful day be yours and may God watch over you.
  1. I pray that your hearts be warmed and filled with love this morning. I pray that all of your worries melt away and you have an amazing day!
  1. Good morning dear God, please bless my family and friends. Protect them from harm, make their wishes come true, and keep them safe and healthy. Help me to be so kind that I am never unappreciated. Thank you for blessing me and thanks for all of life’s special moments. In your name, I pray amen.
  1. Good morning, I want to start by thanking you for everything you do for me and my family. Having you in my life is truly a blessing! I pray this new year will be filled with good health, love, and success. Stay strong and know that I love you.
  1. Good morning beautiful. May your day be filled with laughter, love, and happiness! You are the light of my life, my one true love. I hope this day is as bright for you as you are for me! Hugs and kisses!
  1. Dear Lord, I am thankful for this day and all Your blessings this morning. Thank you to my family and friends. Let their hearts be filled with love and gratitude. In Jesus’ name, I pray, amen.
  1. Good morning, my love! I pray for a wonderful day for you. I pray for strength and courage to overcome any obstacle that comes your way and I pray that your faith in God fills the voids. Be safe and drive carefully, my love. And know that I love you very much. God Bless You!
  1. I give thanks every morning that you are in my life. You are a beautiful blessing and I love you so much.
  1. Good Morning to all! I pray that this day finds everyone happy and healthy. May God bless you and be with you today. Good morning! I love you all!
  1. As I wake up each morning I pray that God continues to watch over you and show you the love of Jesus. May he bless you with a wonderful day. May he comfort you in times of sorrow and give you the courage to conquer any obstacles that come along your way.
  1. Good morning, I hope your day is full of peace, joy, and laughter.

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