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Good Night Love Text Message For My Wife: It’s important to let your spouse know that you love them before you go to bed. A good night love text message is the perfect way to do this. It’s been said that the best way to end the day is with a good night love text message for your wife “if you are married!”. Whether you’re just saying goodnight or expressing your love, your wife will appreciate the gesture. Here are some examples of good night love text messages you can send to your wife:

Good Night Love Text Message For My Wife

  1. I love you. Goodnight my sweetheart, I won’t be there to kiss you goodnight so here is a big hug and or kiss for you. I will say goodnight again when I get home. See you later, beautiful. Sleep well and sweet dreams 
  1. I love you more than life itself, my dear wife. I miss you so much when we are apart, and I can’t wait until our next reunion. Good Night, My Love!
  1. Goodnight my love! I just want to tell you how much I love and care for you. I know that I can’t stop saying that but I will never say it enough. Goodnight my sweet baby and wish you a great sleep!
  1. Goodnight my love, I hope you sleep well and wake up happy. I love you so much don’t ever forget that. If I could stop time I would. You are the only thing that matters to me, never leave my side. 
  1. Tonight when I look down at my cell phone and read that you have sent me a message, it will be impossible for me to not smile. During the day, when I don’t get to talk to you and I feel your absence, I see you in my dreams. You are there with that beautiful smile of yours telling me how much you love me. 
  1. Good night, my love. When I close my eyes, the first thing that enters my mind is you.
  1. As I lay here alone in bed tonight, missing your touch and praying you will soon be here, all I can think about is how much I truly love you. You are my best friend, my soul mate, and a great life partner. Every day I thank God for bringing you into my life.
  1. I wish I could have spent every moment of my life in your arms. The day that we tied our lives together and became one is still the happiest day of my life. There is no one else in this world that I want to call my wife but you for all eternity. Good night my love.
  1. Goodnight, sweet radiance of my life. Goodnight, my love. As I close my eyes tonight, I think of the years we have been together and how much I want to fall asleep cradled in your gentle arms. 
  1. Last night I had a wonderful dream. That dream was about you. We were sitting together on a couch and watching our favorite movie. You looked up at me and gave me one of your heart-melting smiles. I paused the movie and kissed your lips, wrapping my arms around you.
  1. Last night, I just wanted to hold you close and never let go! We fell asleep together, holding each other tight. This morning when I woke up without you by my side, I knew that my dream was not a dream.
  1. Last night I lay in bed looking up at the stars. The sky was so beautiful and there were so many it took my breath away. I remembered when we first started dating. We would lay under the stars just like that, only much closer. You used to snuggle up next to me when we watch movies. It’s been a long time since our last movie night, but I hope we can do it again soon.
  1. I love you so much. I can’t get enough of you. You are my dream come true. I am so lucky to have you in my life and as my wife. You make me smile every day. Good night beautiful!
  1. Good night my love. I can’t wait for you to come home and hold me in your arms. I love you so much.
  1. I’ve had many nights alone and I never realized how much I need your arms wrapped around me until now. All I want to do is go to bed and dream of your warm embrace and every morning when I wake up it’s like a dream coming true. I love you baby, goodnight!
  1. I am dreaming of you, my heart is crying for you, and my arms are open waiting for you. Good night my love.
  1. I love you so much! Have a wonderful night sweetheart, I can’t wait to see you again tomorrow!
  1. I will fall asleep with dreams of you and wake up with excitement to see your pretty face. I love you and can’t wait to be home with you! Good night my dear.
  1. To the sweetest, most beautiful, and loving girl ever…what you do for me never goes unnoticed. I love you with all my heart and soul. Goodnight is beautiful!
  1. Good night baby. I love you so much. Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite! 
  1. I remember when we met. I thought to myself: “Wow, this girl is beautiful”.. but I never thought that 2 years later I would be so in love with you. I love the phone calls, I love the dates, I just love the way you look at me. I’m wishing you a wonderful night.
  1. Good night love, may the dream of angels bring you a restful sleep. I love you, tomorrow will be another great day together.
  1. Every night with you is a new adventure. I love waking up next to you knowing that I can always count on you for anything. To the moon and back!
  1. Goodnight sweetest wifey. I love you loads, goodnight my dear wife. I always pray for your sleep to be peaceful and serene and I hope that tons of happiness and health come your way always through the night and also in the morning. Yeah!
  1. There is nowhere in the world I would rather be than right here in your arms. I love you Babe, Good Night!
  1. Good night my love. I hope you dream of us playing together again. I love the time we spend together and look forward to many more nights just like it.
  1. Tonight I think about you before I sleep and dream of you when I do. I wish I was with you to hold you, kiss you, and love you all night long. Sweet dreams baby. Love you always!
  1. I can’t fall asleep without saying goodnight to my sweetheart. I wish that I was there to hold you close and whisper in your ear, but until we see each other again my darling, think of me with love.
  1. Goodnight my love. Sweet dreams. I love you. You are the best part of my life.
  1. Good Night baby. Get some sleep. I love you so much and I miss you already.
  1. Every time we are together, my heart skips a beat. I love you more each day that goes by. I may not say it often enough, but I do mean it. I love you so much, good night!
  1. Goodnight my love. I miss you, I love you and the rest will have to wait… Even though it’s one of my favorite scraps of paper in the world – remember, I keep them all for safekeeping.
  1. I said many times that it’s not the quantity of time spent together that makes me love you, but it’s the quality. I want to cherish every second with you, and love you with everything I have. No matter how much time I get with you, it’s never enough. Good night dearie.
  1. Good night love, I don’t know where I would be now if it weren’t for you. I know we haven’t had the easiest times in our relationship, but you are the reason I am happy. You make me want to be a better person, and with you, I can do anything!”
  1. Night, night beautiful. Remember the day you beat me in that horse race? forever more I swore my loyalty to you! And… It was just a race! Though, to this day the pain of losing gives me chills to my very bones.
  1. I love you more than your mind can imagine and more than words can say. You are my dream girl, my soul mate, and my everything. Goodnight and I will see you in the morning.
  1. Goodnight, my love. I’m dreaming of you. I hope your day was beautiful and that everyone wishes you happiness, health, and success. I love you so much it overwhelms me with joy. Sweet dreams, my love.
  1. If I could pick the perfect person in the world for me to spend eternity with, it would be you. I can’t imagine my life without you. Sometimes when we get lost in our day-to-day responsibilities we forget how much we mean to each other. You are my inspiration and the one I want in my life forever. Goodnight baby!
  1. Good night my love! Last night I was looking at the stars and I was thinking about how beautiful it is, how big the world is…and then I remembered we are a part of all of it, you and me. It cured all my anger and bitterness. There’s nothing I need in this world anymore…as long as you’re at my side. 
  1. You are a beautiful woman. I love you more and more every day. You are the piece that fills a hole in my heart, the woman that I have always wanted. I would give anything to be with you and spoil you as you deserve. I promise to always do everything in my power to make you happy. Good night funny.
  1. I love you so much and can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you. I miss you so much when I am at work and can’t wait to get home and see you and kiss you again. You are my soul mate and the reason I want to wake up every morning. Good night baby.
  1. My love for you is like the stars. Ever expanding and limitless. There will never be a day when I don’t tell you that I love you. Dream of me tonight as I dream of you. You’re my world, my life, my soul mate. You make me complete. Good night love.
  1. Good night my little starfish. I miss your gentle hugs and kisses already. 19 months of marriage and you still can make a stranger feel so close to you. I love you and thank God for you every day.
  1. Good night my sweet angel, I love you so much. I always think about how lucky I am to have found you. You bring such joy and love into my life and make me feel so complete. I love you, baby!
  1. Good night baby, you are the one I have been waiting for my entire life.
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Romantic Good Night SMS For Wife

  1. Good night my love. I miss your kiss and your hug. I can’t sleep in this cold bed without you by my side. I miss your warm smile when you look at me and say “I Love You .” 
  1. Good night to the love of my life. You are my one and only you brighten up my day with your beautiful smile and big brown eyes. I love you, sweetheart, good night.
  1. I love you so much, more than words can say! You are my best friend, my lover, and my soul mate. When I’m with you everything around me fades away and melts into nothingness. I have never been this happy before and I know I never will be again without you by my side. I love you so much, darling! Goodnight!
  1. Good night my love, I can’t wait to kiss your beautiful lips again. I miss the way you look at me, the way you smile and laugh, the way your body feels pressed against me.
  1. Good night baby, sleep tight. I have a confession to make – my life is better because of you. I love the way you kiss me and hold me close, and how you let me be myself even though you care for me. It is because of your love that I am complete.
  1. I’ll always be there for you and a shoulder to cry on when your world comes crashing down, I love you so much that it can never be questioned. When I look into your eyes I see so much love and excitement, the times we share are very unforgettable. Sleep well my sweetie tonight and remember how much I love you!
  1. I love you and miss you. Every night I wish on a star that you are as happy as I am, and that your dreams come true. May they be filled with only good things, my love! Sweet dreams!
  1. I will never give up on us, I love you and remember that I am forever. Your sexiness and sweet words make me melt. I wish we could just lay here like this forever in each other’s arms. Good night my love.
  1. Good Night. Sleep tight. I love you. Dream of me as I would be dreaming of you.
  1. I can’t wait to see you in the morning, but for now, I’ll leave you with a thought: Goodnight, sweetheart. I love you!
  1. Every night before I fall asleep I have one last wish. A wish to dream about you and wake up next to you with all my dreams coming true.
  1. As the sun goes to sleep and settles down for the night, I settle myself in bed with my head on my pillow, content knowing you are in my arms. It will be a long day tomorrow so I drift to dreamless sleep, hoping one more time that when I wake up, my love for you will have grown even more.
  1. You’re the reason for all of my smiles. You’re the inspiration in all that I do. You’re the one that gives me butterflies. Every moment with you is magical, I love being in your arms. Goodnight, beautiful wife!
  2. You are the best wife and person I have ever known. You mean so much to me and I’m so lucky to have you in my life. I love you with all of my heart and I can’t wait for many more years of love. Goodnight!
  1. When you’re not here everything falls so silent. I miss your voice, your breath on my neck, your smell…even the annoying sound you make when you eat too fast. It all reminds me of you and makes me smile. Good night my love!
  1. Missing you right now, just stopped to say I love you and good night! You’re the best…, good night and sweet dreams baby!
  1. Good night my sweet one. I hope you have pleasant dreams and rest well. I love you beyond words and always will. When I’m in bed at night with you in my arms, there’s no place in the world I’d rather be. 
  1. Before I fall asleep, I’m going to say a prayer that God grants me the strength to make it through the day without seeing you; because everything is better with you in it. Good night and sweet dreams.
  1. I love you so much! You’re my every wish come true. I can’t wait to make more memories with you and grow old by your side. Sweet Dreams have a wonderful night’s rest.
  1. I don’t have to say I love you. I could never tell you enough. I want to be the object of your desire, and the target of your warm gaze. May you sleep well, my love! Good night.
  1. I couldn’t fall asleep without telling you, that you are my everything. I love you so much, good night!
  1. You are my sun that keeps me warm. You are my first thought in the morning and your smile makes my day. You mean the world to me, I love you so very much! Good night baby.
  1. You’re the first thought in my head every morning and the last thought before I go to sleep at night. I love you with all my heart and need you to know that every day.
  1. Here is one more pickup line that has a lot of truth attached to it…I will be in HEAVEN as soon as I fall asleep because I know you are in my dreams. Goodnight, my love!
  1. Goodbye my love, goodnight. Tomorrow will be another day to give you happiness and joy for we live in a world of opportunities. May your sleep be as sweet as you are my love and remember I am wishing you a good night. I love you.
  1. Goodnight my love. I hope your day was wonderful and filled with many blessings because you are one of my biggest. I love you and sweet dreams!
  1. I hope that you have had a wonderful day. I wish all your dreams and wishes to come true. And, I hope tonight’s the night my dream comes true and I get to become your husband! My love for you grows with every passing day, I want nothing more than to be with you today and always. Goodnight my sweet love.
  1. Every night I fall asleep thinking of the love I feel for you. Every morning I wake up thinking of the happiness that you bring me. I hope to feel this feeling forever. I never want to spend another day without you in my life. I love you, my beautiful wife!
  1. Every night I spend dreaming of you. I can’t help but think how lucky I am. We were meant to be together and I am so glad you’re mine. Good Night My Love!
  1. Good night my love. I wish I could kiss your lips goodnight but you’re so far away. The thought of you in my arms makes me press you deeper into my heart.
  1. Good Night. I love you. My heart flutters even thinking about you and I can’t wait to hold you in my arms again.
  1. Last night I fell asleep in your arms, dreaming about you. Tonight I will open my eyes to gaze into those big brown eyes that lure me in every day. Knowing that I will always be yours, I can only dream about how lucky I am to have you in my life. Goodnight, my love.
  1. I know you are at work today and I am missing you, so much! You are always on my mind and I can’t wait until we see each other tomorrow and have the rest of our day off together. I miss you already… goodnight baby.
  1. You are my light, my only love, my everything. Thank you for being here always. Thank you for loving me unconditionally and for showing me that I deserve the world. Simply put- I love you. Good night and sleep tight!

Good Night Romantic Message For Wife

  1. I love you more than you will ever know. We have an amazing life together. I cherish every moment we spend together, from our first date to the day I die. You are my best friend and I love you so much. Good night beautiful!
  1. Good night my love, you are my everything. My world is a better place just to have you in it. You are the most amazing wife and person I know. Sleep well, my dear. I love you so much.
  1. I love you so much! I wish I could put my feelings into words, but even then I would never do them justice. I am so glad that we found each other. Words can’t describe how lucky I feel to be your husband. Even when times are tough, your love keeps me going. You are the only one for me! Goodnight Sweetheart!
  1. Goodnight Sweetheart! How I miss you, my love! I love you so much, and it is impossible to describe how I feel right now, but we are together in our dreams and soon we will be together in reality. You are always in my thoughts.
  1. Goodnight my sweet love. I hope you sleep well knowing that I am thinking of you as I lay here in bed. Be sure to dream of me and all the sweet things I will do for you tomorrow. I love you so much, good night.
  1. May there always be a moon in the sky… so you can see how much I love you. May there always be sunlight to warm your heart… just like you do mine? You’re beautiful! I love you so much! Good night my beautiful princess.
  1. You and I, we’re a team. An incredibly strong team, even when we feel like we are apart, but you are by my side all the time and in my heart, I thank God for sending me a wife as beautiful as you. Good night babes.
  1. Good night, my Love. I wish you pleasant dreams and restful sleep. I know this day has been hectic. It is going to be complete when I am alone with you. In the meantime, let me just say that you are my life, my soulmate, and the love of my life. The thought of you puts a smile on my face and warmth in my heart. Sleep tight. I love you more every second of every day.
  1. Good night my love! I just wanted to wish you the most wonderful dreams and tell you how much I love you. Sweet dreams and sleep well, my love.
  1. Good night my love. My thoughts are always with you. I wish you pleasant dreams. I can’t wait to get home and hold you in my arms. I love you.
  1. I just wanted to say good night and I wish your dreams were as beautiful as you and I have together. Sweet dreams my love, I adore you.
  1. I love you! You fill my heart with so much love that it’s hard to contain. I’m sorry I wasn’t the best today, I’m so lucky to have such an amazing wife! You are perfect! Goodnight.
  1. The night I met you, I knew there was something special about you. The night we got married, I knew I was 100% in love with you. Now that our children have been born, I know that I will love you forever. Thank you for making every day better than the last and for being my best friend as well as my wife. I love you!
  1. Even though we’re far apart, you in California & me out here in the tundra of Michigan, I think of you every day & send my love. Missing you more than ever. So glad to know you live in my heart, so close to my soul. Stay warm and dream about me. I love holding you close to me every night.
  1. I love you, my beautiful angel. I miss kissing your gorgeous lips, running my fingers through your silky hair, and holding you tight in my arms while we sleep the night away. I can’t wait until tomorrow night when I can kiss you again. Sweet dreams!
  1. Good night love note for my sweetheart. I couldn’t sleep without saying goodnight to you. It is so hard to see you go each evening, but the warmth of your body next to me comforts me like no other. I love you and can’t wait to see your beautiful face when I wake up.
  1. Just wanted to let you know how much I love you and how great life is with you in it. You are my best friend and my true love. Thank you for being in my life. Good night, sweet dreams.
  1. Hi Sweetheart! I love you and miss you so much. Even though we’re apart, you’ll always be in my heart. Goodnight my beautiful wife, think of me until we can hopefully be together again soon. I love you!
  1. My day is nothing without you, my nights are lonely and the stars shine less brightly. You bring so much love and light into my life. I’m so lucky to have you by my side! I love you so much, baby! Goodnight and sleep tight.
  1. Here I am wishing you a good night my love, I can still see your face, hear your sweet voice and remember your soft touch. As a breeze takes away the memory of the day, let this message I leave be my love for you…Always and forever.

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