88+ Long Sweet Good morning Texts To Send To Your Boyfriend

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Long Sweet Good morning Texts To Send To Your Boyfriend: Check out these long sweet texts to send to your boyfriend. Send him a long sms than usual. These messages are very sweet, long, and romantic. If you want to make your boyfriend smile, check out this fun list of good morning messages for him. texts to send to your boyfriend can go a long way toward keeping good communication lines open with the man in your life. It is surprising how much your relationship can benefit from simple good morning texts that you send to your boyfriend or husband during the work day.

Long Sweet Good morning Texts To Send To Your Boyfriend

  1. This morning I woke up beside you and I kissed your lips, and whispered I love you.
  1. Good morning dear, the sun is rising higher, the birds are chirping in chorus, don’t wait up, I’ll text you later.
  1. Good morning love, I hope this day will be filled with new joys.
  1. Good morning my handsome boyfriend, your love is like an eternal flame that lights my heart daily.
  1. Good morning to you, my love, I wish you to prove that your good morning texts are to be received with joy.
  1. Good morning, today is a good day. A day where I will spend the day with you, I pray we both have a wonderful day.
  1. Good morning, my baby, I cherish your company a lot, you always know how to make me feel good, I love you forever and every day.
  1. Good morning darling, my love, why are you sleeping? It’s a day full of memories for us. I wish you a great day ahead.
  1. Good morning texts for my boyfriend. He waits for me every morning, he’s my favorite guy ever, he understands me, I adore and cherish him.
  1. Good Morning Sweetie, what’s new? A warm embrace and a kiss are all I need to start my day.
  1. Good morning, beautiful boy, hope you had a good night, and your weekend was great.
  1. Yesterday is past, today I am awake. Each minute I’m smiling for you are here, Good morning my love.
  1. Good morning sweetheart, coffee is brewing, breakfast is getting cooked, baby let’s get this day started.
  1. Good morning, hun, I hope you have a wonderful day.
  1. Good morning baby, hope your day is filled with love.
  1. Having a boyfriend is the best thing that could ever happen to me. My world is incomplete without his cute face. He treats me like a princess and takes care of me. We text each other every day and share our problems. Every morning I wake up and the first thing that
  1. You woke up today, so bright and beautiful, half asleep, I stumbled in, you smiled, took my hand, and we embraced. Good morning.
  1. Good morning dear, you’re so cute, I’m very thankful for you. I love when you lay next to me, holding me tight and whispering sweet nothings.
  1. Good morning handsome, Good morning darling, Good morning big man, Good morning all around, Good morning to my life. I want to bury your face with so many kisses as you sleep.
  1. Good morning, my sweet sweet boy, have I told you lately how much I love and care for you? A morning kiss and hug just to let you know I love you all day, all day long.
  1. Good morning, come with your love, I want to open my eyes and see your sweet gentle smile.
  1. Good morning handsome, you’re the first thought in my head and the last thought in my mind.

Long Sweet Good morning Texts To Send To Your Boyfriend Copy And Paste

  1. Good morning my dearest, like a puppy you lay by my side smiling, kissing, and cuddling, life’s such a dream when you’re by my side.
  1. Good morning love, each day with you is special, your kisses make me wanna stay and hold you tight forever
  1. Good morning text to send to your boyfriend; the day begins, a day to remember all thanks to our love.
  1. Good morning my sweet boy, I’m missing you. I can’t wait to be in your arms again.
  1. Wow, it’s 11 am, my beautiful, handsome, sweet, caring, loving boyfriend. Good morning, wish you were here with me all night, please open my eyes, I want your strong arms around me
  1. Good morning, my darling, I love you so much, you’ve done so much for me and I’m always so blessed to be with you.
  1. The sun is shining bright and the birds are singing their song, Good morning my love, how’s your morning?
  1. Good morning baby. Hope you’re having fun, and a prosperous day.
  1. Good morning darling. The sun is shining bright, birds are joyfully chirping, the snow is slowly falling. It’s a beautiful day, but missing you even more.
  1. This morning, I woke up early and had my morning coffee and texted you and told you, Good morning, and that I love you.
  1. Hi Hun, good daydreams, Good morning love of my life, have the time of your life today. 
  1. Good morning, my love, sending you a lot of love, and I’ll be sending you a lot of good morning texts.
  1. I love you more than words can say, hope you know. Good morning kisses and I love you text will wake you up.
  1. Good morning, I arise in the morning, with the sun shining down wishing you a great day ahead.
  1. Good morning babe, I don’t know how in the world, but life became so much better when I met you.
  1. Good morning my baby, you are my desire, my soul mate, my love, the only one for me.
  1. Good morning handsome, your eyes sparkle in the morning light. You sit there, reading the paper with your coffee in hand.
  1. Good morning love, your bed is just a soft warm place, where I can lie down with you.
  1. Good morning sweetheart, your kisses make me feel like I’m in paradise.

Long Sweet Text Messages To Send To Your Boyfriend Long Distance

  1. Good mornin’ my lover. The sun is shinin’ bright, the birds are singin’ sweet songs and I am with’ you and have missed you so much. What better way to break the ice than to send these texts, so good morning my love.
  1. Good morning, my darling, it’s a lovely day ahead, the sun is shining brightly on you, and I wish it was me.
  1. Good morning my lover, the days go by so fast, I don’t want them to end.
  1. Good morning, my sweet prince, I want to tell you how much I love you. Ask if he had a long night? We might have cos we slept on the ground, but oh, what a wonderful night!
  1. Good morning, my love, today’s the day. The day we begin our journey together, a journey of bliss and harmony. Shall we wake up?
  1. Good morning my sweet lover, my handsome boyfriend. Your sweet face is the first thing I see when I wake up.
  1. Hey, cutie what’s up? Hope you’re good? You’re my morning joy, my love, and light.
  1. There you are, my precious angel, thinking about me, your sweet words waking me up each morning. Oh, how I love you.
  1. Good morning handsome, I awake with a smile; your sweet smile, every morning.
  1. Good morning my love, today is yours, It’s your day to shower me with love and friendship.
  1. Well, it’s finally morning and I feel like the luckiest girl in the world ‘Cause I get to wake up with you.
  1. Good morning my love, it’s your first day of work and it sure was fun to see you last night and work late with you.
  1. Good morning Hunny! I sent you some red roses, so you should smell them. I love you, you are my world.
  1. Good morning baby, I know you’ve had a rough night, but don’t worry all your dreams will come true.
  1. My lips will be moist because I will kiss you, my whole body will tingle because I will touch you. That’s how intense you make me feel baby, I want us to always wake up beside each other in the morning.
  1. Good morning, love! Hope your day is blessed with happiness and love.
  1. Good morning, the sun is shining brightly. Today will be a wonderful day, the sun is shining bright.
  1. Good morning lover, how are you feeling today?
  1. Good morning my sweet sweetheart, your eyes are shining, your hair is like a cloud, and happy days are here again.
  1. Woke up  this morning and saw you hugging me, knowing it was the best day of my life,
  1. A short sweet good morning text for my baby; Good morning love, today is a wonderful day and so shall you be.

Long Sweet Text Messages To Send To Your New Boyfriend

  1. Every boy and girl wanna be loved by someone, every boy and girl wants to be adored. But, I wanna be loved by you. I want to be adored by you. I want to be the one, you turn to when the world’s all wrong. Good morning sweetheart.
  1. Baby, I just met you but already I want you. Baby, you are the best and your beauty is divine. Baby, your kisses are sweeter than honey and your hugs make me feel like a queen. Baby, you’re my everything and I love you. Good morning babes 
  1. Good morning, when I think of you, my heart skips a beat. You’re the love of my life, and I can’t wait to see you.
  1. Good morning babe, look at me, eyes full of tears, heart full of pain. So just start talking, go ahead and tell me, what’s on your mind?
  1. Good morning my love, you hold my heart in your hand. Your touch makes my soul sing. You make me feel so right, my love, forever and ever.
  1. You, you, my everything, my lonely nights, my lonely days, my beautiful face, my beautiful smile. Good morning dear.
  1. Good morning, my heart skips a beat, every time I hear your voice. I love you so much that the stars in my eyes blink.
  1. Good morning, my heart beats so slowly with you beside me, I long to see your face, I chance it and say hello.
  1. Sent by love’s eternal flame to my boyfriend, our love will last forever. Good morning and a lovely day to you.
  1. Good morning dear, you are my best friend; my boyfriend. Your love is what keeps me going, without your love, I would have no meaning. You are my love, the love of my life.
  1. No words can express how much you mean in my life. Your presence is as sweet as honey, you take my breath away. Good morning dear.
  1. Good morning, do you know how beautiful you are, how tender loving you are, how charming you are, how sweet you are, how handsome you are.
  1. Good morning baby, your love has me throwing myself at your feet, begging you to love me.
  1. Good morning my love, I love you, no matter what you do, I love you.
  1. Good morning, so, I’ve been waiting for this day to come to tell you how special you are to me. I love you so much, baby. My whole life is yours, I’m gonna make sure that’s never forgotten. So, here’s to you, I love you, babe.
  1. My heart is empty without you. Yet, I can’t let you go. Is my love a lie? Or is my heart just aching? Am I crazy to love you so? I love you that’s for sure and I hope we keep building on it strongly. Good morning.
  1. When I’m with you, I feel like I’m in heaven. You’re always on my mind, and your love warms my heart. Good morning dear.
  1. Good morning, I think you’re the one. The love of my life, our connection is divine.
  1. Good morning, I wait all day for you. You love me so true. I hurry home just to be with you when I arrive, I kneel before you and get to work.
  1. Good morning boy, your beauty surrounds me, like fireflies in the night, you bring love and joy into our lives, your happiness is my happiness.
  1. Good morning baby, this is my way of saying, I love you and I hope I can love you forever.
  1. Good morning, I love you so very much, more than one can count, you make me feel like a king.

What To Text A Guy In The Morning To Make Him Smile?

  1. I love you, baby. I want to hold your hand and sleep with you tonight. I want to wake up next to you tomorrow morning; so bright and cheerful, so full of love and life. I hope you have a great day at work, my love. Have fun, be happy and smile lots.
  1. Good morning my love! I hope you have the best day ever. I love you so much and can’t wait to see you tonight.
  1. Good morning my love! It’s a new day and with every passing hour, my love grows stronger for you. You are the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. I hope we are together forever, making each other happy every day!
  1. Good morning, sweetheart. I couldn’t go a single day without you in my life. You are like the sun in the middle of my day. So bright, so lovely and so charming. I will always love you.
  1. Even though it’s been a long and sleepless night, I still can’t help but smile. I am thinking of you in your soft, warm bed and I am so excited to be able to see your face in the morning. I miss you sounds so inadequate for the way I feel about you. You have made me a better person and I will always love you.
  1. My love, I want you to know how much I love you. Every morning you brighten up my day with that beautiful smile of yours. I cherish these quiet mornings together, just knowing how much you mean to me makes my heart happy.
  1. I love you and I am so in love with your smile. Your eyes to me are like a mirror and they reflect all the happiness I feel. I love the way you make me feel so young and alive again. Never forget that I love you with all my heart and soul. Good morning Hunny.
  1. I love you so much more than I can put into words. I watch you sleep and find myself thinking of ways to show my love for you. I will spend forever showing you just how much you mean to me. Good morning my dear.
  1. Good morning, I’m having a great day just thinking about you. I love you.
  1. Good morning. Did you sleep well? I love you.
  1. Good morning my love! The smell of your hair as it falls over my face while we spoon. I love to hold you in my arms and feel your heartbeat against mine. Your hand in mine, your voice in my ear. These are the gold that makes my world go round.
  1. Good morning, my angel. How did you sleep last night, knowing I love you and will never stop. I don’t need to be near you to know you are always on my mind, because you’re in my heart and that is how long-distance work, at least I hope so.
  1. I want to be in your arms forever. Nothing in the world feels better than waking up to you, smiling beside me. You may not realize it now but I hope you soon will know how special you are to me. Good morning my sunshine.
  1. Good morning, sunshine! I just wanted to let you know I think about you every minute of the day. You brighten up my day and make me smile. I love all the time we spend together and can’t wait for our date tonight.
  1. Good morning, have a great day! I hope you know you mean the world to me. The thought of you makes me smile, your touch warms my heart, and your kiss ignites my soul every time. Love you more than anything in this world!
  1. Good morning, I wake every day to a new surprise. The thought of you takes my breath away. I love you so much and I’m so thankful for the gift of your love. I will always be with you. We’re in this together forever!

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